Frequently Asked Questions


What's a timejump ?

A timejump is a message sent in the future by choosing the precise date and moment the message’s contents are revealed to the recipient. It’s technically a delayed message… but we found ‘timejump’ is nicer, so that’s what we named it!

Since we had a feeling the term would stick, we went ahead and coined it with all its grammar and syntax. You can even say TJ, that’s a literal time saver!

Let’s see, one last thing… almost forgot! TimeJump is the app; timejump is the message. That’s the major difference.

Who can I send timejumps to?

Good question, thanks for asking!

You can send timejumps to anyone you like! Your close friends, family, of course, but not only! You can even send timejumps to your groups of friends, even to your followers. So we really think TimeJump can be used within communities.
On TimeJump, you can also send timejumps to yourself. Technically that means you can converse with a past or future you: “Hey me, I hope you became someone good!”

How do I send a timejump ?

Nothing could be simpler! First you can choose to either take a photo, a video or an audio recording -even just a simple message-. Then you can choose the precise moment in the future when you wish the sent contents to be revealed, and then you can choose the recipient(s). That’s it!

I don't understand navigating on TimeJump

Really? TimeJump is actually very simple!

The app is divided into 3 main parts:


  • An inbox of timejumps. It’s your homepage: you can find all your received timejumps as well as the time left before you can open them. That’s why there are countdowns everywhere – and it’s also the screen you go to where your timejumps unlock before your very eyes!
  • Your sent timejumps. You can keep track of all the timejumps you sent in the future and see the countdown until when your friends will be able to see them. On this screen you can also delete your sent timejumps if you change your mind. We let you get cold feet, a second chance! You can easily switch from your received timejumps to your sent, by pressing on “Inbox” or “Sent”.

THE PAST, with:

  • A memory box. This is where all your unlocked timejumps go once you see them. They can be seen in your conversations that keep all your exchanges with someone, whether it’s a single contact, a group or your followers. You can scroll through your memories like a timeline or like a memory album. To go from future timejumps to past, or vice versa, you slide your finger on the screen from right to left or left to right.

A part “MY ACCOUNT/SETTINGS” where you can modify your profile, personal information, manage all your contacts, configure notifications and access frequently asked questions as well as the Terms of Use.

What's your hang up with the number 24?

It’s true that we like the number 24. And for a simple reason: to us, it represents time better than any other number! 24 is the number of hours in a day! It corresponds to the rotation of Earth on itself (23h 56 min 4 sec) and to a degree of rotation of the Earth around the sun (3 min 56 sec).

That’s why the number 24 (and its multiples) permeates through all of TimeJump!

  • You can send a timejump in the future within a delay of 24 seconds and 24 years.
  • The maximum duration of a TimeJump video is 24 seconds.
  • The maximum duration of your audio recordings on TimeJump is 24 seconds.
  • The maximum length of a text that is sent with a photo, a video or an audio recording on TimeJump is 240 characters.
  • The maximum length of a text alone on TimeJump is 480 characters.
  • The maximum length of your full name on TimeJump is 24 characters.
  • The maximum length of your username on TimeJump is 24 characters.
  • The maximum number of members in a group on TimeJump is 240 people.


I have no contacts on TimeJump, what do I do?

This can be due to two things: either you have no friends or you know absolutely no-one (which is highly unlikely), or you simply haven’t added anyone yet.

In the case of the latter, the first thing to do is to sync your contacts in your phone with the app TimeJump. To do that, just go to “My Account” and begin the synchronisation. All the contacts in your phone will then be added to your contacts on TimeJump. And if your contacts don’t have the app yet, you can just invite them by pressing the button “Invite”. You can then send a text asking them to download the app.

You can also add friends that have TimeJump by going to “My Account”. All you need to do is search for a username or a full name, and add whomever you like.

But the easiest way to add contacts on TimeJump is to answer all requests that are sent to you. Notifications will say what contacts have added you, and you can add them back directly on your notifications. If your notifications are disabled, or if you haven’t seen the notifications, you just need to go to “My Account” on the app to respond to these requests.

If even after all that you still have no contacts, you can always send timejumps to yourself! You’ll feel less lonely!

My directory on TimeJump offers me contacts that I did not add…

That’s very possible. When you import your phone contacts on your TimeJump, we consider all your contacts as friends on the app. That’s why you don’t need to add them. But you still have the possibility to individually block or delete any contact in your TimeJump directory. You just need to hold your finger on the contact in question, and you can either block or delete them.

Can I send timejumps to someone who doesn't have the app yet?

Unfortunately not. But you can still invite your friends to download the app by text messaging them.

Can I create groups ?

Of course! You can create groups in two different ways.

The first is by going to “My Account” and pressing on the button “Create group”. You can then choose which members form the group, the photo avatar as well as naming the group.

You can also create a group during the creation of a timejump. When you choose the recipients, choose all the people that form the group and press on the button “group”, located on the horizontal white banner at the bottom of the screen. Once the time jump is sent, you can thereby name the group and choose its avatar directly in the conversation or by going to “My Account”. By default, the group name is the name of three random members; a group photo is also provided.

Everyone can add anyone into the group, but nobody can delete members; it’s up to them to leave the group. You may leave it at anytime. In addition, when a new person joins the group, they only have access to the timejumps that are unlocked after his or her arrival in the group.

What's with the followers?

When you’re a public account, anyone can add you and send you timejumps. These users that you haven’t added are therefore not considered as friends and aren’t added to your TimeJump contacts. You can share content with your community of followers which you can find in the conversation thread “followers” in your inbox and memory box.

You can nevertheless add these users by going to the “Followers” tab in “My Account”. By adding a follower, he becomes a friend and appears in your TimeJump contacts. You can then have a private conversation.

When you’re a private account, you don’t have the “Followers” tab. You have to add a contact to begin an exchange.

When sending a timejump, I have a pre-selected recipient…

TimeJump wants to promote exchanges between its members. That’s why when you wish to create a timejump while on a conversation, individual or group, or while seeing an unlocked timejump, the contact or group is already selected. It’s a way to make you win time if you want to ‘reply’ to a contact or a group. If you don’t wish to do so, you can easily unselect it in choosing the recipients.

If you’re a public account and on the “Followers” conversation thread, all your followers are selected. But if you receive an unlocked timejump from one of your followers, it’s that follower in question that’s selected.

Can I block a contact?

You can of course block a contact by holding your finger on the contact in the conversation or in “My Account”. There will be a choice to block.

To unblock a contact, you just have to go to “Settings”, and “Blocked”.


What are the different timejumps that I can send?

You can send timejumps as a photo, video, audio recording or text message. For the timejumps photo, video or audio recording, you can add a text.

Is there a maximum duration or size for my timejumps?

Yes. The timejumps video and audio recordings are limited to 24 seconds. The timejump text messages are limited to 480 characters. The limit of text messages sent with photo/video/audio timejumps are limited to 240 characters.

Small tip: if you wish to send longer timejumps, you can send several that are to be opened on the same date; they can then be seen by the recipient in the order that they were sent.

Why are some of my timejumps cut short?

When you choose to send a video or an audio recording from your phone’s gallery, it’s possible that some timejumps are received incomplete. Audio recording and video timejumps are limited to 24 seconds on the app. If you choose to send a longer media, TimeJump will not block the sending but will by default send only the first 24 seconds of the media.

How do I choose an opening date for my timejumps?

On the “Opening date” screen, you can choose the precise date. But you can also use the shortcuts offered at the bottom of the screen (+24 seconds, +24 minutes, +1 hour, +4 hours, +24 hours, +1 week, +1 month, +1 year, +10 years, +24 years) to choose a date faster.

When sending a timejump, my countdown remains blocked at 24 seconds….

On TimeJump, it’s not possible to send future messages under 24 seconds. That’s why the countdown automatically blocks at 24 seconds when you selected the recipients. This doesn’t at all mean that your timejump and message won’t be sent to 24 seconds.

I can't re-see a timejump I sent…

This is a deliberate choice that is at the heart of the concept of TimeJump. When you send a timejump, you won’t have access to it until its opening date, unless you have previously saved it to your gallery the moment you were making it.

How do I find a timejump in my inbox?

In the search bar at the top of your inbox screen, you just need to type the full name or the username of the sender and you can easily find again the timejump in question.

A timejump in my inbox has disappeared!

We believe you and it’s not a glitch! The sender has most likely changed their mind and deleted the timejump.

How do I re-see my unlocked timejumps?

When a timejump is unlocked and seen, it’s automatically sent to your memory album. These timejumps are regrouped in conversations and can be seen one of two ways: you can scroll through the timeline of each conversation, or you can choose to open any timejump by sliding your finger from right to left or vice versa. This is the way of viewing in your timejump memory album.

Can I reply to a timejump?

Yes. When you check a conversation, individual or in a group, or when you access an unlocked time jump, and decide to create a new timejump, the contact(s) in question will already be selected as recipients.


What's the difference between a public account and a private account?

Your account is public by default. When your account is public, anyone can add you and send you timejumps. These users, that you haven’t added, are not considered as friends and therefore not added to your TimeJump contacts. You can share content with your community of followers and find it again in the conversation thread “followers” in your inbox or memory box.

When your account is private, only the people you have added or that have your phone number can send you timejumps. In that case, “Followers” is not shown.

You can modify these account settings by going to “My Account”.

What personal information can I modify?

The only information you may modify in settings are your full name, your username and your profile picture. Your phone number cannot be changed.

What is the difference between the full name and the username?

The full name is the name displayed in the app and in all your conversation. It can be shared by several users. The username however is unique, and therefore facilitates the search for contacts.

I'm changing phone number… How can I make sure to not lose all my TimeJump data?

If you change phone number, you need to contact us (“Contact Us” in settings). This type of request is taken care of manually.

I want to delete my account… What happens then?

If you wish to delete your account, you will lose all the data that is linked to your account; that is, all the timejumps received and sent, whether they’re open or not unlocked. In that case, your contacts will still have all your exchanges in their app.

If you do not wish to lose this data, you can choose to log out or modify your notifications.

Can I configure my notifications?

Nothing could be simpler! You just need to go to “Settings”, then “Notifications” and choose the setting that is most convenient to you.

I have a very important question but I can't find it in the FAQ…

We don’t have the answer to everything in our FAQ! If you have another question, send us an email by going to “Contact us” in “Settings”.