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Why TimeJump? Well, we noticed that with social media and conventional messengers, we are constantly and permanently in a state of solicitation. In this uninterrupted stream of messages, symptomatic of the era’s immediacy and instantaneity we live in, we no longer have the time to read or see everything.

With TimeJump, we began from a single observation: it’s not because we’re available to send a message that our recipient is available to receive it. And conversely! By having the possibility to send your messages in the future, and to choose when your recipient will be able to acknowledge it, you are sure to send the right message at the right moment – and that changes everything!

With TimeJump:

  • You’ll never forget birthdays again! For the new year, you’ll be able to schedule your good wishes ahead of time!
  • You won’t have to worry ever again about the time difference that separates you from your friends that have gone to live on the other side of the planet.
  • Your significant other will have no more excuses if, after a day’s hard work, they forgot the grocery shopping that you had asked them to do that morning…
  • You’ll rediscover the pleasures of waiting… What suspense to have a message in your inbox and have to wait before opening it!
  • You can also change your mind… If you sent a message a little too fast, you just have to delete it before it’s available to the recipient.
  • You’ll be able to value the time that passes. Whether with friends or family, you will see memories you thought were lost… a little like the souvenir box we used to bury in the garden, only to dig it up again after 5, 10 or even 20 years!
  • Parties, housewarmings, weddings, births… You’ll keep memories of all your celebrations and important events. And above all, you’ll share these precious moments with your loved ones in the memories album.
  • You’ll get to impress your friends by guessing in advance the result of the football game or the election… you’ll pass as psychic!
  • You can finally do without that sad little calendar on your Android or iPhone! You’ll schedule alerts for all your important events by sending messages to yourself… but with more soul.
  • You’ll become immortal! Joking aside, imagine your emotion when you receive a message from your loved ones long after they leave… It’s also an assurance for the ones in your life to continue receiving your messages whatever happens…


It’s for all these reasons that we use TimeJump, but not only! Because there are plenty more uses, and in fact, we don’t know them all yet! It’s up to you to make them!




Our team

In the beginning, there was us – Le Tatou – and our buddy Sacha! We played around the idea of TimeJump! And then we though, “why not?” So he talked to his brother Cyril, who talked to his friends Philippe and Eric, who talked to their friends Julien and Pierre, who talked to their friends Alexandra and Mathieu… Then Katia, Nono and Jéré joined us… little by little, it became specific and we were all embarked in this great adventure!

We hope you enjoy!

Hugo, Ludo, John and Franck


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